The HM Balanguera Hotel is one of the best Hotels in Palma de Mallorca
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Welcome to HM Balanguera

Breathe in the Mediterranean atmosphere in every room in HM Balaguera. This hotel in Palma is only a few minutes away from the city\'s main interest points, such as the Cathedral or shopping areas. In HM Balanguera white is the main colour, along with traditional and modern elements in order to create a unique space in which to relax and get carried away by the singular flavour of such a charming hotel.

  • A unique hotel

    A unique space full of detail. A Mediterranean atmosphere that combines tradition and Avant-guard elements. A place where detail, charm and comfort are the main elements. In our hotel in Palma de Mallorca you will find facilities such as a beautiful terrace from which you can see the city and a breakfast buffet with the best products and flavours in local food.

  • A city full of charm

    Palma is one of the few Mediterranean cities in which tradition and history coexist in a modern and urban atmosphere, in which cultural and entertainment possibilities stand out. There are all kinds of shops, restaurants and bars where you can have a drink at sundown. Places like the Cathedral of Palma or the streets of the Borne will surprise you because of the magic they give off.

A hotel in Palma full of charm and detail, surrounded by a unique Mediterranean atmosphere.
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