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Palma de Mallorca

A city with Mediterranean charm

Palma de Mallorca es un punto de encuentro entre la tradición mediterránea, el ambiente cosmopolita y la cultura balear. Por sus calles descubrirás locales con historia, edificios extraordinarios y rincones en los que el ambiente te conquistará. Déjate sorprender por una de las ciudades con más encanto del mundo durante tu estancia en el hotel HM Balanguera.

The city
A unique panoramic view

Few buildings in the world are as impressive as the Cathedral in Palma, a real architectural gem both inside and outside.

Bellver Castle
Very impressive views

This medieval castle, one of the few with a circular base in Europe, offers you an exceptional panoramic view of Palma.

Paseo del Born
A quiet walk

The most select boutiques, the most fashionable establishments and the vest atmosphere are all part of the charm of Paseo del Borne in Palma.

Palma town hall
A historic building

At Plaza Cort, very near Paseo Marítimo, you will find the town hall of Palma and one of the oldest olive trees in the city.

La Lonja
Architecture at its purest

Redone into one of the main cultural locations in Palma, this building is one of the main architectural points of interest in the city.

Es Baluard
Contemporary art museum

The Palma Modern and Contemporary Art Museum is located among the remains of the old city wall, with works of art by some of the most important artists in the world.

Old town
A charming area

The flavour of a traditional Mediterranean environment can be felt in the narrow streets of the old town in Palma, an area full of historic establishments.

Playa de Palma
A very big sand beach

Playa de Palma beach goes on for many miles of white sand, where the best pubs and an unforgettable atmosphere are waiting for you.

Bicycle touring
Discover Mallorca on a bike

Very few destinations in the world are more suited for visiting on a bike than Mallorca, because of its climate and especially, its environment.

Practice your favourite sport

Very near to HM Balanguera hotel you will find some of the best golf courses on the island where you will be able to enjoy an unforgettable golfing afternoon.

Water sports
Dive into the Mediterranean

Playa de Palma is the perfect place to practice different water sports, from windsurf to kayak or scuba diving.

Guided tours
Find out the secrets Palma hides

Choose a guided tour, either in the day or at night, through downtown Palma, to find out about the stories hidden in the streets and buildings.

Horse riding
A different kind of experience

A good way to spend an original afternoon with your family is to go horse riding in the outskirts of Palma.

Take the best routes

The best paths and routes in Mallorca will take you to see exceptional landscapes that carry the essence of the island, such as Serra de Tramuntana.

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